Custom Design

We do all types of custom designed work.


Master Custom Home Remodeling’s process centers on you, the customer. With that in mind, our design process was created with you as a key player so we can learn from you and tailor your project to your style, needs, wants, and budget. On the first site visit, our design consultant will talk to you about the project feasibility, a realistic budget, and tease you with a few design ideas.
After a design development contract is agreed upon, we enter the conceptual design phase. In this phase we review multiple possibilities for layout and ballpark figures which gives us a starting point to understand your likes and dislikes. From here we narrow down the final design and budget that we will build our final proposal around. The next step is the final presentation where you choose to make an investment with us.
Then your project is transferred to the production stage and your first task is to go shopping with our interior designer for all your finishes! Don’t be nervous-your design is not set in stone at the final meeting. We provide you a list of items and allowances that are already included in the final proposal so that you can shop and change them as you like while being able to keep up with the cost.