Age in Place

Aging can be hard on your body.  Things that were once easy have become more difficult.

Age in Place Design is all about planning a space for long term or for an aging family member. This concept can take into account wheelchair or walker access, vision complications, arthritic troubles, and many more situations. The goal is to create a functional, safe home our clients can be happy in for many years to come without compromising good design. Some age-in-place design components include no-slip surfaces, wider doors and hallways, and walk in showers without a threshold. We strongly encourage planning ahead and taking advantage of these methods where applicable. Please contact us to learn more about age-in-place or to consider if this step is right for you. If you need help renovating your home to accommodate your needs, MCHR can help.  We are a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS) with experience adapting homes to meet the needs of people with decreasing mobility.

These examples show wide hallways, wheelchair accessible sinks, and custom shower and bath configurations that we built. We can remove a bathtub and replace it with a shower basin complete with an area to sit down and grab bars along the walls. We can just add the bars so you feel safer.  Renovating to accommodate new needs doesn’t have to compromise the quality or beauty of your home.