Age in Place

Aging can be hard on your body.  Things that were once easy have become more difficult.

If you need help renovating your home to accommodate your needs, MCHR can help.  We are a Certified Age in Place Specialist (CAPS) with experience adapting homes to meet the needs of people with decreasing mobility.

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Above is an example of a custom shower that we built.  Originally, the homeowners had a bathtub with a high wall on it that made stepping in and out of the shower difficult.  We removed the bathtub and replaced it with a shower basin complete with an area to sit down, grab bars along the two side walls, and a slanted grab bar across the back of the shower.  The original vinyl bathtub surround was removed and replaced with beautiful tile.  Renovating to accommodate new needs doesn’t have to compromise the quality or beauty of your home.

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